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The Future by ShironoOkami
A heartwarming fic about the aftermath of No. 6's fall. Thank you for the dedication!


Kalyn McCabe's YouTube Channel
Kalyn McCabe reads No. 6!

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Nezumi, Esq. - Hilarious and touching. What more can I say.

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Hako no naka
Portuguese: Sukinime
Russian: Illusion teaM
Spanish: Darireo no sucumbe

No. 6
Arabic: No. 6 (part) #1
Arabic: No.6 (part) #2
Bahasa Indonesia: artnaesthesia
Finnish: Silent Time
Hebrew: no.6 - נאמבר 6
Indonesian: Monochrome Rainbow
Italian: Kaze no Requiem
Italian: Saishoku Translations
Italian: Traduzione&Dintomi...
Italian: when i'm alone
Malay: No. 6
Polish: Behold the gray shade
Polish: Rokutousei no yoru
Portuguese: Kuuhaku no peeji
Portuguese: Sukinime
Portuguese: Yaoi Cine
Russian: No. 6
Spanish: Chibi Chibi fansub
Spanish: DPNF
Spanish: Entre ratones y flores
Spanish: Kanarianime Fansub
Spanish: La novela de no.6 en español
Spanish: OMG Translations
Thai: No. 6
Vietnamese: Alien Mosquito
Vietnamese: Pervert Group
Vietnamese: Ranka