Sunday, November 11, 2012

323,194 words, 18 months, 1 last post

And so we've reached the end of No. 6. I've never been for these kinds of posts, so unfortunately I have nothing profound to say.

Over this year and a half, I've met people from all corners of the globe without ever leaving my desk. Never has my Twitter timeline been full of this many languages that I didn't understand. Scrolling down the links on my sidebar, I'm simply astonished: so many cultures and languages and people, all sharing the same common fandom of No. 6.

I've received many kind emails and comments, and I'm frustrated that I never have anything equally good to say. But let me say that No. 6 and this blog was always a haven, a place of creative freedom where I could let my pen (keyboard?) run wild. Through exams, papers, graduation, looking for a job, and all the goals I could never see an end to, there was always that one, short, manageable one at the end of the week. Here was something I knew I could do for once -- something I knew people appreciated. That just kept me going update after update, and this has ended up to be perhaps the biggest project I've ever translated in my life.

I want to thank everyone who has read this far: people who have faithfully come back chapter after chapter to point out those pesky S-V disagreements, typos, and wonky formatting; people who commented with extensive character and world analyses that even I totally missed out on; people who have recommended my blog out on the interwebz in forums and on Tumblr, and posted links on TVTropes and MangaUpdates (yes, I do see all of it!).

New readers, I hope you enjoy your stay.

Currently I am not taking new projects, but if I do in the future, I hope to see everyone again. If Asano ever releases that sidestory volume, I will probably be translating it, too.

Words are not enough to describe what an experience this has been. Thank you so much, everyone!